Introducing The New Social Economy For NFTs

NAMO is a community-driven Social-Fi network for NFT Art & Music where users earn rewards in an interact-to-earn economy for engagement; through the creation of content and interactions, and renting of NFT assets.

Engagement Is The New Currency

We’re solving the issues of price discovery and product inception into market, whilst developing key metrics to measure demand and creating new ways for illiquid NFT assets to gain recurring income through rentals.

Sharing Paves The Road To Rewards

Lowering the barrier of entry for NFT consumption means everyone takes on less risk to enjoy them.


Gain exposure, generate interest, and build traction for your work.


Put your illiquid assets back into the spotlight and earn.


Get into NFTs risk-free, gain experience, stay informed.



Music & Community
Paving the cross-roads.
Finance & Good Vibrations
Harnessing symbiosis.
Art & Design
Living devotion.
Team Lead
Shaping tomorrow.

Namo app is slated
for launch Q4 ‘22

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